Sunday, 29 May 2011

Circle, Being Fat and Duck Echoes?

Last year in September I registered the name, rented huge amounts of webspace and thought about all the money my website is going to make. For nine months my website only showed: This is My New Website, Hey! Welcome to my website. I wrote this code all by myself. Stay tuned. Sigh...

My girlfriend told me to use a blog instead of programming my own website, which I have never done before. But, but, but... That’s the point of this website. Commonsense sometimes get squashed by our own focussed excitement. It usually takes a lot of fun out of things, but can save us plenty of time and then maybe we can have more fun in later.

Okay, enough about my own lack of common sense. Lets start:
How many circles do you see?

Janneman's answer:

I can see 93

But I can also stick to one, two or 90, depending on my definition of a circle. Want me to explain? 
Well, its like this... Pixie: "What are you doing! You are going to bore the website static! Write interesting things for goodness sake".

Pixie ask me yesterday: Am I fat?

Here is the answer: We are all made up of two kinds of flesh that is changeable within limits to alter our physical appearance. Muscle and Fat. The correct relationship between the two is a matter for the medical professionals, so if you want to know the correct ratio for you, ask your doctor. My personal taste varies greatly according to your bone structure. (By then I received a well angled forehand right between my stomach muscle and rib cage), so I quickly altered my tune: Sweetheart, your fat/muscle ratio did not change, as far as I can see. 

Commonsense lesson: No women is going to see the humour in your comments about her weight.

Posted by anonymous:

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Of course the chicken first

Why a duck quack does not echo?

It does not echo? That's strange, who said that? Common sense says that it most probably does echo, it is maybe just not so easy to hear the echo than other sounds

Is it true that if you bite your nails, you will face trouble sooner or later?

Nail biting is a sign of nervousness, so most probably this perception is formed because whatever is causing you to bite your nail, may result in trouble. Common sense say don't bite your nails because it is unsightly, and sort out your problems in a positive way.

Is it good to study through the night before an exam?

Common sense say that whatever makes you feel good and positive before the exam, so that you can give your best in the exam, should be the good thing for you to do. Janneman, however, fails to see how you will accomplish that by not having enough sleep.


She Says:
Pertaining to the latest post "Circles, Being Fat and Duck Echoes", I would like to say a thing or two to Janneman from female point of view.
First of all, regarding the choice Janneman makes in trying to deal with website instead of just try out the blog first. Commonsensely, we test the market first before we decided on doing a website. But  man falls in the category of "never listen to the ladies", therefore it is correct that commonsense only exist from experience.
The second thing that I want to point out is regarding biting the nails syndrome that is familiar with the ladies. I find myself agree with Janneman that it is just the symptom of nerveousness, however, I can understand where this idea is coming from. I grew up with a very superstitious mom that believe in everything. For Asian mostly, to ensure that the younger generation stay put within the culture values, they create lots of belief such as biting nails can attract problems in our life.  Because of limited sources of education before, some trully believe it. But as we grow wiser especially the younger generation nowadays we come to realise that it doesn't make sense anymore. Problem comes in our life is not based on whether we bite our nails!
Stop biting your nails or it will end up like this.

Thats all for now, till we meet again,


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