Wednesday, 2 November 2011

We Write Our Own Luck

All of us sometimes feel that someone - be it our friend, our sibling, Hollywood celebrities or even foe is luckier than us. The grass is always greener on the other side. But have we ever thought of the road to this "luck". What bring these people "luck". We have in our culture various “ways” of getting "luck". Wake up on the right side of the bed, starting the new day with our right foot forward, wearing red, wearing a special pendant or what so ever. I tell you, that is all folk's tales. Maybe by doing all that, we can have A BIT of good energy around us. Mark the word "A BIT", but the impact is so little on a person’s luck. However, I don't deny that good energy or positive energy can result in a person being lucky. Positive energy creates positive attitudes and positive attitudes will attract positive ways of handling things - hence the success, but still how much it will change in the long run. For that I say WE WRITE OUR OWN LUCK!

Take Warren Buffet fo instance. He is the luckiest. He got all the money in the world. but what he did to get this luck. He started early. He even invest at the age of 4! Is that luck? I think it is pure genius and also a great way of showing - you write your own luck!

Maybe your example of being lucky is Kate Middleton. Married to a prince, future “Queen” of England, high fashion profile, beautiful, money and brain in the genes. But look back at her family history, it was more likely that they wrote their own luck. Her grandmother, Dorothy Goldsmith, or better know as "Lady Dorothy" worked herself up from poverty to prosperity and gained recognition of herself on the way. Her great grandmother, Edith Goldsmith, a widow with 6 children, held her family together in difficult times, struggling to make ends meet. But she instilled in her children a resourcefulness and drive for self-improvement. And Kate herself, being told by Prince William that he will put his study and his military career before her, which tells us that she is a tough type that doesn't depend on having luck by marrying a Prince, but is willing to take on a life full of responsibilities and hard work.

So, luck does not just fall from the sky. You have to work your way through to get the luck. And unfortunately, you can also write your own failure. It all depends on you. What are you going to write? Luck, or Failure? But always remember, a failure today, can be a luck tomorrow. There: Commonsense

Pixie Signing Out

He Says:

Well put Pixie.

Luck of today may be the sorrow of tomorrow. Just live your life and be free.

Nothing more to say...


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