Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Birthday Present, Being Clueless and...Lazy?

Janneman asked me lastnight, what kind of present he should give to one of his staff as today is her birthday. Asking my opinion is one thing but assign me the task of thinking it for him before morning is compelling. Not that I mind, but when it comes to the "arty side" which is my way of describing feminine side, some men are born clueless. That is what I thought.
I have a friend, for her 28th birthday, her husband gave her a book on how to lose weight effectively. Where's the commonsense in that? Women don't want to be reminded on how fat they are, at least not on their birthday.
Now, talking about clueless. How do we tell whether a person is just lazy to think or really clueless. Let me give you three scenarios each to enlighten whether a person is really dumbfoundedly clueless or just stark lazy.

1. They always the one who ask silly question, because they see things differently, and dont underestimate them, they are focus on their thing and might be the one who change the world.
2. They are not fond of the rules, not that they are rules breaker but it just that they dont even know some rules are existed.
3. They willing to listen, and keen to learn new things, being clueless make things interesting to them, even common one.

1. A person who already have three children (doesn't matter man or woman) and still didn't know how to put on diapers.
2. A person who at the age of 40 and driving everyday, especially woman but still doesn't know how to change the tyres.
3. A person who is fulltime housewife or househusband that still cant change a live bulb.

People say that Compulsion is the first instinct of the clueless, so being clueless is a state of mind not an attitude. Lazy is the other way around. Lazy is when you didn't use commonsense when it cross you mind. Clueless is when you dont have commonsense. 

So, back to Janneman request. Is he lazy or clueless? I leave you to that.

Pixie signing out!

He Says:

Yesterday Pixie went with me to the gym. Earlier in the day she used my I-tunes account to buy an Afrikaans learning program - with my permission for a change. After walking for half an hour on the treadmill, she cluelessly followed my instructions on the iron pumping apparatus before pre-maturely excusing herself to a stationary bike. Being busy on a loud rowing machine, I did not notice the commotion around her. She was sitting on the bike (formed like a lazy chair), shouting out Afrikaans words. With her earplugs she did not realize the sound levels. Later on she showed me that the learning program had exercises, and in her frantic pursuit of top marks, she wanted to ensure the proper pronunciation and level for the sound recognition software I paid for.

So this brings me by a the question of the day:

How come sometimes I cannot hear others?

If you reduce the noise in your head, it may be easier to listen.

How to exercise in a Gym?

Enjoy it, be mindful of others, and don’t try to show-off.

Now back to Pixie’s post of the day.

Pixie, just because you can learn Afrikaans in a record time does not mean that my NOT LEARNING Malay in 14 years is because of a lack of trying. Being linguistically challenged is a form of cluelessness, not laziness.

Being unable to think of a present to buy for a staff member, that is a condition called “being male”. BUT:

Buying your wife a “how to loose weight” book for her birthday DEFINITELY shows “NO COMMONSENSE AT ALL”. To the poor bloke: As mentioned earlier in one of my posts, commonsense are lost to most of us at some time in our lives. That is why we are sharing this website.


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